November 10, 2020
Graduate Medical Education Report An Assessment of Opportunities for Graduates of Texas Medical Schools to Enter Residency Programs in Texas FY2020

This report, required by Section 61.0661 of the Texas Education Code, is the fifth biannual report providing an assessment of opportunities for gradates of Texas medical schools to enter residency programs in Texas

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Tags: Ratio of First-Year Entering Residency Positions to Texas Medical School Graduates, GME, Graduate Medical Education
November 10, 2020
Study of the Feasibility of Streamlining Physician Licensing Requirements for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses SB2011 Report

This report concerns the feasibility of developing a pilot program to streamline the requirements for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) to be eligible for physician licensure. 

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Tags: SB2011, Physician Licensing, Licensing, Registered Nurses, Graduate Nursing, Nursing
November 2, 2020
Aerospace Technology Research Conducted by Public Universities

This report provides a summary of aerospace technology research conducted by public senior colleges and universities.

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Tags: Research and Technology, Aviation, Aerospace Technology
October 30, 2020
Study and Report on Core Curriculum October 2020

A Study and Report to the 86th Texas Legislature on Core Curriculum.

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Tags: Timely Graduation, Meta-majors, Timely Graduation, Texas Public Institutions, Academic Progress, Transfer, Core Curriculum
October 30, 2020
Texas General Academic Institutions Increasing Successful Community College Transfer Report FALL 2020

The Texas General Academic Institutions: Increasing Successful Community College Transfer report provides an analysis of Texas public general academic institutions (GAIs)/universities transfer goals and practices. This annual report describes the universities’ efforts to increase the number, success, and persistence of Texas community college transfer students.

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Tags: Texas General Academic Institutions, Texas Community Colleges, Texas Public Universities, GAIs, Persistence, Success, Transfer
September 24, 2020
Open Educational Resources Grant Program October 2020 Legislative Report

Senate Bill 810, 85th Texas Legislature, Regular Session, established the Open Educational Resources (OER) Grant Program, which was designed to incentivize faculty at Texas institutions of higher education to adopt, modify, redesign, or develop courses that use only open educational resources. This report details the administration of the competitive grant program and provides initial information about cost savings for students from the use of OER by faculty grantees as well as the number of students served by the first round of grants (which was awarded in 2018). 

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Tags: Legislative Reports, Grants, Open Educational Resources (OER) Grant Program., OER
July 24, 2020
Strategies to Incentivize Institutions of Higher Education to Develop Degree Programs in Cybersecurity

Senate Bill (SB) 64 passed by the 86th Texas Legislature, Regular Session, required the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB), in collaboration with the Department of Information Resources (DIR), to explore ways to incentivize Texas higher education institutions to develop more certificate and degree programs in the area of cybersecurity and submit a report detailing strategies to the lieutenant governor, the speaker of the House of Representatives, the presiding officer of each legislative standing committee with primary jurisdiction over higher education, and each governing board of an institution of higher education not later than September 1, 2020.

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Tags: Cyber Breach, Cyber Attcks, Cybersecurity
May 7, 2020
National Research University Fund Eligibility 2020

Report about NRUF funding eligibility to the Comptroller and the Texas Legislature.

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Tags: FY 2019 data, Eligibility Report, NRUF
October 21, 2020
Texas General Academic Institutions Increasing Successful Community College Transfer Appendices Fall 2020

Appendices to the annual legislatively mandated report about Texas General Academic Institutions’ work with transfer students from two-year institutions.

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Tags: two-year institutions of higher education, general academic institutions, Transfer Students, Transfer