CRS - CFAT - Foster Care Liaison Listing

Foster Care Liaison Listing

By Division for Student Success
February 12, 2024
Family Practice Residency Program Rural Rotation Site Directory

This is an approved list of the Family Practice Residency Program Rural Rotation Sites.

By Academic Quality and Workforce
November 10, 2022
Learning Technology Advisory Committee Roster
By Academic Quality and Workforce
August 10, 2020
Economic Development and Diversification Waiver Company List

The city or county or economic development group of the Texas region in which the business will locate or expand should initiate a letter of request for consideration to the Executive Director of the Economic Development & Tourism division of the Office of the Governor. The letter should outline how the criteria below are met and indicate the approximate number of employees to be transferred, approximate wages to be paid and the estimated capital investment of the project.

Once a company is approved, the company is listed on this website.

October 21, 2020
Family Medicine Residency Advisory Committee 2022

The Family Practice Residency Advisory Committee (FPRAC) consists of 12 members and is charged with making funding recommendations to the Board for the Family Practice Residency Program (FPRP) and related support programs. The Committee and FPRP were established in 1977 by the Texas Legislature. The intent of the program is to increase the numbers of physicians selecting family practice as their medical specialty and to encourage those physicians to establish their practices in rural and underserved communities in Texas. Membership includes representatives from the Texas Osteopathic Medical Association, Association of Directors of Family Practice Programs, Texas Medical Association, Texas Hospital Association, Texas Academy of Family Physicians.

By Academic Quality and Workforce
November 18, 2020
Financial Aid Advisory Committee [FAAC] Members

Member roster for current Financial Aid Advisory Committee

By Student Financial Aid Programs
Financial Aid Advisory Committee Nomination Form 2022

Financial Aid Advisory Committee Nomination Form 2022

By Student Financial Aid Programs
June 9, 2021
Texas Transfer Advisory Committee Members

The Texas Transfer Advisory Committee (TTAC) has responsibility to advise the Commissioner on the Texas Transfer Framework, including the development and revision of the Field of Study Curricula.

By Academic and Health Affairs
September 14, 2021
Community, State and Technical College Liaisons

The Community, State and Technical College Liaisons serve as a single point of contact between each of the colleges and the Coordinating Board. The Liaisons receive all communications from the Coordinating Board to the colleges. Including the liaisons on communications with the community and technical colleges provides a consistent point of contact to improve the dissemination of critical information in a timely manner and ensure that information will be routed to the appropriate individuals. The Liaisons are critical to the Coordinating Board's communication efforts, as they effectively and appropriately distribute information within their colleges.

By Workforce Education
Title IX Training Advisory Committee Members

This document includes the names, titles, and institutional affiliations of the members of the Title IX Training Advisory Committee.