Board Supporting Documents

October 2023 Board Minutes - signed.pdf

Board 01.24 PPT VII-F 2024.01.17 - CCCF Rules January Board Presentation FINAL.pdf
Board 01.24 PPT VII-A 2024.01.25 - THEF Presentation to CB.pdf

Board 01.24 PPT VII-D Program Approval Board Update - Jan_2024 (1).pdf

Board 01.24 PPT VI ACE PPT Landscape Analysis of Regional Accreditors 01.11.2024.pdf

Board 01.24 PPT VII-C Transfer Update.pdf

Board 01.24 supplemental VIII-D (18) CH22M 
Board 01.24 supplemental X-E Lee College Branch Campus-Barbers Hill ISD Maintenance Tax Election_supplemental.pdf
Board 01.24 supplemental X-I (5) CH5B Amend and Repeal
Board 01.24 supplemental X-I (1) CH2E Amend and Ch. 4J New
Board 01.24 supplemental X-I (3) CH4A 4.9 Amend
01/24 SUPPLEMENTAL VIII-D (10) Consideration and possible action to adopt new Board Rules in Chapter 13, Subchapter R, 13.520 through 13.529, relating to reporting, audit, and overallocation for community colleges
01/24 SUPPLEMENTAL VIII-D (8) Consideration and possible action to adopt new Board Rules, Chapter 13, Subchapter P, Sections 13.470 – 13.477, concerning the new community college finance system
VI Major Policy 2023.10.26 - Research, Development, and Innovation Oct 2023.pdf

VII-D Star Awards _PPT.10.26.23

VII-C Program Approval Board Update _PPT.10.26.23

VII-B Transfer Update_PPT.10.26.23

Agenda item VII-G 10.2024 Bond Resolution.pdf

Agenda III - THECB_Special Called Board Mtg - PPT.pdf

Agenda Item III - TACC_THECB Special Board Mtg_InvitedTestimony.pdf