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Community, State and Technical College Liaisons

The Community, State and Technical College Liaisons serve as a single point of contact between each of the colleges and the Coordinating Board. The Liaisons receive all communications from the Coordinating Board to the colleges. Including the liaisons on communications with the community and technical colleges provides a consistent point of contact to improve the dissemination of critical information in a timely manner and ensure that information will be routed to the appropriate individuals. The Liaisons are critical to the Coordinating Board's communication efforts, as they effectively and appropriately distribute information within their colleges.

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Study and Report on Core Curriculum October 2020

A Study and Report to the 86th Texas Legislature on Core Curriculum.

Tags: Timely Graduation, Meta-majors, Timely Graduation, Texas Public Institutions, Academic Progress, Transfer, Core Curriculum
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Research Funding at Texas Public Institutions

Tabulation of research funding for Texas public universities.

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