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Nursing Shortage Reduction Program Funding and Reporting Cycle
Tags: Nursing, Funding Cycle, NSRP
By Academic and Health Affairs
Nursing Shortage Reduction Program - Funds Utilization Schedule 2023

This document provides institutions with deadlines in which the NSRP grant awards must be spent by Fiscal Year.

Tags: Nursing Shortage, NSRP
By Academic and Health Affairs
Professional Nursing Shortage Reduction Program (NSRP) Report October 2022

A Report to the Texas Legislature, Per General Appropriations Act, Senate Bill 1, Article III, Section 27, 87th Legislature pertaining to the Professional Nursing Shortage Reduction Program (NSRP).

Tags: Nursing Shortage, Legislative Report, NSRP
By Academic and Health Affairs
Evaluation of the Nursing Shortage Reduction Program Memo

This memorandum is regarding the report evaluating the Nursing Shortage Reduction Program.

Tags: NSRP, Keller
By External Relations

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